ANNOUNCEMENT — The Original Farrell's® 4x2 Now Available in 3 Convenient Sizes


Wholesome & Nutritious

Premium Australian Wholegrain Wheat

We use only the best part of the grain. Most allergies in dogs arise from using mixed grains, cereals and byproducts. That's why at Farrell's® we use only Premium ingredients milled in the Riverina of NSW.

Beef, Lamb & Chicken

The meat used in Farrell's 4x2's is sourced from farmers we know and partners we trust. Quality is the benchmark of Farrell's and we strive to ensure our ingredients are of the highest standard.

Protein Bio-Availability

Farrell's® 4x2 has been specifically designed for greyhounds and contains an excellent ratio of protein, fat and carbohydrates. High carbohydrate diets provide glucose for energy bursts which is ideal for these finely tuned canine athletes.

We’re here for the life of your dog and we're committed to being your partner in their health journey.

Our products are developed to support your dogs through different stages of life, and we're committed to continue innovating on pet wellness as the health journeys of your pets evolve.


Farrell's® 4x2 was formulated by leading pet nutritionists


A balanced snack recommended for daily use containing 15% Protein and 7% Fat.

Promotes Healthy Teeth & Gums

Farrell's® 4x2 are the Premium Biscuit for maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

Regular Delivery

Never miss a day of cleaning your dogs teeth and gums with monthly orders now available.


For Healthy Teeth & Gums


For Healthy Teeth & Gums

Farrell's® is fast becoming renowned throughout Australia as the Go-To brand for providing dogs with a healthy and nutritious snack that actively cleans their teeth and gums.

Dogs cannot be healthy without proper oral health. Take the Farrell's® 30-day challenge and watch our 4x2 break up stubborn tartar on teeth and underneath the gum line to maintain optimum periodontal health.

Farrell's® is made from premium Australian ingredients including Australian Prime Hard Wheat, a top-quality high-protein milling wheat that consists of specially selected hard-grained wheat varieties of exceptional milling quality.


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Sustainably-Sourced Ingredients, NO Fillers, NO By-Products, Protein Rich


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The time-honoured FARRELL'S Group 1 Association Cup

The time-honoured FARRELL'S Group 1 Association Cup

It is with great honour that Farrell's has partnered with the NSW GBOTA to sponsor the 720m Group 1 Association Cup.
The only Group 1 staying race on the NSW greyhound racing calendar, the Association Cup has a lengthy and distinguished history dating back to 1965, and has been won by a number of icons of the industry.
Originally run at Harold Park, the race was moved to Wentworth Park in 1988, and in 2012 it became a part of the Golden Easter Egg carnival.
Among the winners of the time-honoured event are champions such as two-time winner Zoom Top (1968 and 1970), Ragsie (1972), Dottie Wilson (1975), Black Aztec (1981), Bold Trease (1987), and Miata (2012).
The John Finn-trained Veloce Nero took out the 2019 Association Cup upstaging the likes of her littermates Poco Dorado and Blue Moon Rising, and odds-on favourite Tornado Tears, which had broken the track record a week earlier in the Cup heats. 

SO, Where did the Farrell's 4x2 Originate?

SO, Where did the Farrell's 4x2 Originate?

In the 1870's a well known and patented dog biscuit emerged in the UK , the 'Spratt's Dog Cakes'. The biscuit was essentially a 2x2 hard baked biscuit made for racing greyhounds and show dogs. 

After visiting the UK the Farrell's Family, led by Evelyn Mary Farrell, knew they could improve on the Spratt's Dog Cakes and went about designing and testing a hard baked biscuit specific for greyhounds. Frank and Lionel Farrell, being avid greyhound supporters, set their sights on improving greyhound nutrition in Australia. 

The brothers developed and manufactured the first line of the 4x4 and 4x2 hard baked biscuit. The development was a hit. Dog owners and breeders loved the Spratt's Dog Cakes but they needed something bigger and more substantial for their dogs. The Farrell's 4x2 was just what they needed. 

Farrell's went on to become the leading manufacturing brand in the 1960's.



It is with great honour to the Farrell's Family to be able to relaunch a much loved brand. I am sure you will love the Farrell's brand of old and we look forward to a long standing friendship with our customers. 



From the brand you know and love ❤️

An iconic brand relaunched

Trainers and breeders are thrilled to have Farrell's® back on the market. After a hiatus of nearly 40 years the excitement is echoing throughout the industry!

Product reviews

Farrell’s® 4x2 dog biscuits packaging is clean, informative and transparent which is what handlers and owners want to see in order to help them make informed decisions.

Balanced energy, better rest

A high-protein diet and improved hydration promotes strong bones and toned muscles. More of the nutrients are digestible, so less junk comes out the other end.


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