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Since the early 1960's, Farrell's was a brand synonymous with greyhound feeding and nutrition in Australia. A true tradition in greyhound racing.

In 1962 Evelyn Mary Farrell and her two sons, Frank and Lionel, pioneered the very first line of 4 x 2 dog biscuits in Australia. Their company, E.M. Farrell & Sons Pty Ltd, was an enviable business which, in 1977, was sold to the Arnott's Spiller Group (a conglomerate made up of Arnott's Australia and Spiller's U.K.).

The move into the pet food market proved a disappointing venture for Arnott's Spiller who later sold their pet food division to Nestle Australia in 1989, minus the Farrell's brand. It was at this point the original Farrell's pet food brand was removed and discontinued from the market.

Farrell's continued for a time under the branding of BestCare Petfoods Pty Limited. BestCare and its manufacturing facility in Dubbo was sold to Bush's International, which was bought out by VIP Pet Foods in 2009. 

Farrell's was the foremost manufacturer and creator of the original 4 x 2 baked dog biscuits. This was later replicated by the Box 1 4 x 2 and 2 x 2 dog biscuits.

After much deliberation, the Farrell's Family have decided the time has come to return the Original 4 x 2 back to the market. We have teamed up with Best 1 Pet Food Company Pty Ltd to bring our products back to the market.

With a great deal of devotion, anticipation and planning the Farrell's Family have studiously re-established the Farrell's Pet Food brand and will restore and build upon their tradition and dedication to canine health and nutrition.

The same products and formulations that made Farrell's Pet Nutrition a much loved and trusted brand will be back on the shelves in due course. If you would like further information about our brand and company please feel free to contact Farrell's on 1300 186 889.

Substantial time, planning and resources have been devoted to bringing this project to market. As the manufacturer we will ensure the freshness, quality and competitive prices of all our products.

We have sourced our fresh produce and ingredients from farmers we know and partners we trust - that's the Farrell's Guarantee!

In due course you will see many other Farrell's products returning to the market. Stay tuned!

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