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The main function of red blood cells (also called erythrocytes) is to carry oxygen to the tissues of the body, where it is required for cellular metabolism. The oxygen is used by these cells to produce energy which the body needs to perform at optimal levels. Whether through stress, parasites or infection, red blood cells can be destroyed.

Hemo-Charge provides a bioavailable source of the nutrients needed to prevent anaemia and promote optimal blood oxygenation and blood performance in your horse and greyhound.

Hemo-Charge uses Organic Minerals for Cellular Support.

Hemo-Charge uses only high-quality organic minerals bound to an amino acid for vastly superior absorption compared to traditional inorganic mineral supplements.

Hemo-Charge optimises Red Blood Cell Production for Focus, Speed, Endurance and Recovery after an event.

 * This product Does Not contain Cobalt or any prohibited substances listed by any Racing Authority in Australia.

Key Ingredients/Kg

Thiamine 500mg
Riboflavin 833mg
Niacin 10g
Pyridoxine 500mg
Cyanocobalamine 1.6mg
Folic Acid 250mg
Iron 7.66g
Glycine 500mg
Lycine 500mg
Methionine 500mg
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