A Tradition in Greyhound Food and Nutrition

A Tradition in Greyhound Food and Nutrition

Honouring Traditions: The Story of Farrell's and Its Roots in Greyhound Food

At Farrell's, our passion for pets goes beyond creating nutritional dog biscuits. We carry a rich history closely entwined with the world of greyhound racing, a legacy that has informed our approach to pet nutrition to this day.

Since the early 1960s, Farrell's has been a household name in greyhound feeding and nutrition in Australia. We were trusted by generations of greyhound racers to deliver the best in nutrition for their prized racers. We were more than a brand; we were a tradition in greyhound racing.

So why is greyhound food different? Greyhounds, with their lean bodies and high metabolism, have unique dietary requirements. Their meals need to be high in quality protein for muscle development and repair and balanced with the right fats and carbohydrates for sustained energy. This is where our expertise came into play, providing a carefully balanced diet that ensured these majestic animals were always in peak condition.

The understanding and insights we gained from years of serving the greyhound racing community have deeply informed our approach to pet nutrition. Our biscuits may now be enjoyed by all breeds, but they still carry the legacy of quality and nutrition that was born from our years in greyhound nutrition.

Our specially formulated biscuits are made with locally sourced ingredients, providing not just essential nutrients but also promoting dental health. We encourage you to take the Farrell's® 30-day challenge and see firsthand how our 4x2 formulation helps break up stubborn tartar build-up on your dog's teeth and beneath the gum line.

Farrell's has been caring for pets and their owners for decades, providing quality nutrition and dental care. Our love for our four-legged friends and our commitment to their well-being is reflected in each biscuit we make.

While we've expanded to serve all dog breeds today, our roots remain firmly in the greyhound community. We're proud of our history and continue to honour it in our ongoing commitment to providing the best nutrition for all dogs.

At Farrell's, we believe in delivering nutrition that brings happiness to pets and their owners alike. That's why we continue to innovate, explore, and uphold the tradition of quality and affordability in pet nutrition. From our humble beginnings in greyhound feeding to our present-day offerings, Farrell's remains a trusted name in pet nutrition.

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