Trainers Rejoice With Relaunch Of Farrell's

Trainers Rejoice With Relaunch Of Farrell's

By: Adam Dobbin

THE best part of 60 years of steep history has been restored with the highly anticipated relaunch of the famed Farrell’s 4×2 baked dog biscuits into the market.

Following the cessation of Box 1 in 2019, greyhound trainers far and wide have been left in a bind in their pursuit of finding a biscuit which offers the nutritional benefits they seek.

And it was this very quandary that set Sam Salamon, partner of trainer Craig Chappelow, on a journey which has ultimately returned the longstanding Farrell’s name to the shelves.


“The early response has just been overwhelming,” Sam said.

“Having dogs ourselves I saw first hand the hole in the market and how important it was to obtain a product which used only premium ingredients for the benefit of the greyhound.    

“To do this I traced back to the original manufacturers of the 4×2 biscuits in Australia which were J & J Dry Pet Food Manufacturers.

“Things have just evolved from there to get to a point where we can proudly return Farrell’s, a brand synonymous with greyhound racing since the 1960s, to trainers across the country.

“Our mission is simple, animal nutrition is paramount with an uncompromising approach to quality. We refuse to cut corners or add ingredients that are not beneficial to the dogs.”

While there’s plans to branch out and offer further products in the future, for now, the newly formed Farrell’s team headed up by Sam, is firmly focused on servicing the ever increasing number of trainers firing in orders.

“The response demonstrates the void that has been in the market,” Sam added.

“If anyone wants further information they can go to our website, we’re really transparent, demonstrating how we differ from other brands.

“There might be slightly cheaper options out there but the ingredients and value speak for themselves.

“We only use premium ingredients including premium Australian Wholegrain Wheat and Meat and we do not use fillers or byproducts in production. The biscuits weigh 50g and are hard baked to promote dental hygiene.

“It really is an exciting time and as I said if any trainers out there need further information we are only a phone call away.”

Box information:

Farrell’s® 4×2 Biscuits have been carefully baked to a traditional recipe. 

The ratio’s of protein, fat and carbohydrates have been carefully selected.

Protein helps tissue repair and muscle growth after physical activity.

Fats deliver EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids) and provide the necessary environment for absorption of fat-soluble vitamins (A,D,E,K) in the gut.

High Carbohydrate diets provide glucose for energy bursts.


Premium Australian Wholegrain Wheat, Meat (Chicken and/or Beef and/or Lamb), Tallow (Chicken and/or Beef), Natural Flavour (Chicken), Salt, Di-Calcium Phosphate, Garlic, Emulsifier, Preservatives, Cysteine, Natural Antioxidants

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